Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pan-fried Russet potatoes with farm-fresh eggs and Bacon!

Mmmmm...bacon scents the air as I come down the stairs for my Sunday morning cup of coffee. Lee has found the bacon and is already searing it in the skillet. Last night I had brought home some fresh chicken eggs that a friend at work offers each week, so I knew we would be having eggs with that bacon. I think I will also want some potatoes with it, though, thinking of those big ol' Russets from the tote box.

Knowing I have to catch up, I quickly pop two potatoes into the microwave for 2 minutes to start them cooking. Then I take them out and dice them up for a frying pan sear. Lee generously shares some of his bacon grease, and in no time my pan-fried potates are crisping up nicely. I do a little quality-control on the bacon that Lee now has draining on a paper towel.

I am all out of yellow onions, but I do have those SLO Veg green onions, and some fresh parsely, so I begin giving those a rough chop and add them to the potatoes just at the end of cooking. Lee has passed the egg-cooking task on to me, so I add some bacon grease to another skillet and proceed to crack the fresh eggs, one at a time. The shells are just a bit thicker than grocery store eggs, but when the hit the skillet, wow! We pause to admire the rich, deep golden-colored yolks.

I set out two plates and divide the potatoes between us. Then I put LeeMs two perfectly-turned eggs onto his plate, and put my two not-so-perfect eggs (I should have added more bacon grease) on mine. Three strips of bacon apiece on the side, and breakfast is served.

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