Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh Sweet Salad Makings!

"Fruit, Vegetable, Herb, and Juice List for 02/25/2013 - 03/01/2013

THIS WEEK'S TOTE INCLUDES: Celery,Broccoli,"Dino" Kale,Radishes,"Organic" Purple Carrots,Romaine Lettuce, Brussels Sprouts,"Organic" Garbonzo Bean Sprouts,Kiwi,Sweet "Oro Blanco" Grapefruit,Fuji Apples,Tangelos,Vine Ripened Strawberries"

Lots of good sweet salad makings! I think I could make a salad with any of these ingredients, beyond green salad. We could have broccoli salad, Waldorf salad, fruit salad, shaved brussel sprout salad, kale salad...endless possibilities! Garbanzo bean sprouts--so cool!

A note was included saying they ran low on apples, so some squash and shallots were substituted. That's nice! They were cute little orange squash.

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