Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cornbread and Turnip Greens

There's a country song I know that mentions turnip greens:
Billy Currington makes them sound pretty good.

I think I read a recipe for collard greens in Trisha Yearwood's Southern Cookbook, but turnip greens? I guess since we got so many of them, we should try them. We got this bunch of turnips, which actually amounted to about 8 little morsels, but they were attached to about 18 inches of greens. I have to let you know I did roast the turnips today like I have roasted beets, but they don't taste quite like beets. They were also "red" turnips, but the color sort of drained out of them in the roasting process. Now I am gonna have to see what exactly I am gonna do with them, but that will be tomorrow or something.

I am going to loosely follow Emeril's recipe for the turnip greens:
I cut the tops off of the turnips and put them in a sink full of cold water to soak any dirt off. I am planning to saute the greens in my large two-handled saute pan with some oil and onions, and them braise them for a bit in some beer, just like I tried with the collards several weeks back. Only this time I will watch them better and not let the liquid boil out and burn them! I am also baking some country-style pork ribs in the oven for 3 hours this afternoon. Cornbread will also figure into this meal, because I guess you just can not have turnip greens without the cornbread.

I found a recipe for the pork on "Pork Be Inspired". You smear one side of the meat with mustard and sprinkle on a dry rub of paprika, granulated garlic, salt, pepper and brown sugar...pretty simple. This roasts in the oven on low heat (300) for 2-1/2 to 3 hours. So I just put it in and sat down to watch some car races on TV with the hub. In about an hour, I will start the turnip greens and the cornbread, so hopefully everything will be done about the same time. This seems like a really fancy Sunday dinner where you should have some company over or something, but it might just be Lee and I. If Taylor doesn't make it home from his friends' house on time, I guess I will save him some leftovers.

So, it turned out like a real down-home Southern dinner. Country-style pork ribs with a sweet and peppery rub, cornbread and turnip greens. The greens were kind of strong-flavored, but a touch of rice vinegar and some honey to sweeten it up really made the turnip greens tastey. Seasonings included cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. I used a bottle of 805 beer in place of the "Dixie" beer, too. Emeril's recipe called for bacon and molasses, but I just used bacon grease leftover from breakfast and the last bit of honey in the honey bottle. No honey with corn bread, I guess. That's okay, we have some of Monique's delicious raspberry jam. 

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