Friday, February 1, 2013

Apple Ambrosia is Divine!

Oh my gosh! This is one recipe that I am sure will become a family favorite, just as it did for Trisha Yearwood, who shared the recipe with me via her new cooking show, "Trisha's Southern Kitchen". I already had her cookbook, "Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen," but I never saw this recipe!

As she was talking and demonstrating this simple salad and telling the story of how it came to be one of her family's favorites, I knew I had to try it because I was getting more apples in the SLO Veg delivery. We got Fuji apples and some blood oranges, too. I was worried about having too many apples, because I am about the only one who eats them around here. But after making this salad, I am afraid I don't have enough apples!
I started by juice one blood orange. You can see from the photo that the fruit is a deep, pinky orange and it is very sweet. The apples were random-sized with a mostly yellowish skin. I poured the juice into a mixing bowl and added the canned crushed pineapple. I peeled the apples, then, using my food processor, I quickly shredded them and stirred them into the juice mixture. I added just about a tablespoon of sugar and about a half cup of the unsweetened shredded coconut I had on hand. I am glad I used unsweetened coconut, because I think sweetened would have make this salad too sugary. I had just searched for this coconut as I had a coconut shrimp recipe I wanted to try that called for unsweetened. I found it at New Frontiers Market in San Luis Obispo. I also found almond flour, so I was able to make those Paleo blueberry muffins using the blueberries we got from the Farmer's market several weeks ago that I had been saving in the freezer.

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