Monday, February 4, 2013

Boy choy stir fry with tuna salad

I decided to make tuna salad and wanted someting to eat with it besides bread. Hmmm...bok choy? So I rinsed it and sliced it into strips, then had Lee taste a raw piece. "Tastes" he says. Maybe I should stir-fry it? So I quickly cut off a few slices of that red onion from the box and added some shredded carrots and bok choy. I stir-fried it for a few minutes, then added a healthy splash of soy sauce and called it done. I divided the contents of the pan between two plates and added a scoop of tuna salad. Then I remembered those sunflower sprouts, so I sprinkled what was left on top of the stir-fried vegies as a little garnish. Lunch was light and refreshing.

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