Monday, February 11, 2013

Bond Girls, Braised Kale, New Potatoes and Roasted Chicken breast

I guess this dinner was Blog-worthy. I'm guessing, because I am not sure, since they ate it in silence. I thought it might be because we were sitting in front of the big screen watching a Roger Moore-Bond movie, "For Your Eyes Only," and they were enraptured with that. I, however, was savoring each bite of my dinner: first the honey-mustard glazed chicken, followed by a bite of roasted new potato dipped in homemade Ranch dressing, and finished with a savory bite of purple kale that had been braised in chicken broth and drizzled with red wine vinegar.  OMGosh, it was all ecstacy!
I noticed Taylor had eaten his chicken and potatoes, but hadn't touched the kale, so I prodded him to try it.
"Well, what do you think?" I prompted.
"It was really good," he answered, and finished the kale on his plate. Lee still had said nothing.
Complacency! They just expect a delicious meal now. Sigh! Either that, or no chicken can compete with a Bond girl.
It was a pretty simple preparation. I had some Kraft Honey Mustard dressing that I seasoned with some coarse salt, fresh-ground pepper, fresh parsley and dried dill (hey, ya gotta use what's on hand!). I had repinned the recipe from Pinterest, and it originated from the Weight Watchers recipe file.
The honey-mustard dressing, by itself, wasn't that good, but it is perfect on chicken! This brand is too thick for a salad dressing, so I've been thinning it with a little vinegar and oil, or creaming it with Ranch dressing when I use it on salad. I must have bought it on sale. I think I prefer my own honey-mustard vinaigrete for my salads, but this sticky, thick stuff sticks to the chicken better. The chicken was supposed to be coated in corn flakes, but we haven't had cereal in the house for at least a year now. I have been saving ends of the occasional loaf of bread, cubing them and freezing for a later use, like today. So I put about a handful of bread cubes into my mini-chopper and made my own bread crumbs to top the chicken breasts. They were bone-in breasts that I got for a mere .99c a pound, so they had to roast in the 400 degree oven for about 50 minutes.
I put the chicken in, the prepared the sweet little new potatoes by quartering them, spreading them out on a baking sheet and drizzling with olive oil, salt and pepper. I also added some Trader Joe's Everyday seasoning from the grinder and popped them into the lower oven rack. I served Ranch dressing in little sauce dishes for dipping. (I also found a recipe on Pinterest for making a Ranch dressing seasoning mix, so now I can make my own dressing in minutes!)
I had already trimmed and washed the kale. I minced some fresh garlic and put it in a saute pan with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. I let the garlic soften over a low heat for about 2 minutes, then added 1/2 cup chicken broth and the kale. I stirred the kale until it was completely coated with the sauce, then put the lid on and let it steamed for about 10 minutes. After the liquid had mostly evaporated, a couple of dashes of red wine vinegar, salt and pepper completed the preparation. I tasted a piece, and all I could say is "Yum!"

Okay, make me ask! "Honey, how did you like the dinner?" "I loved it, can't you tell?"  No, I couldn't, except by the fact he had cleaned his plate. time I am turning off the TV.

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