Friday, February 8, 2013

Now what? Ukrainian Feast!

So at the end of the week, I still have some purple kale, some bok choy, cilantro, the golden beets, one Fuji apple, half of a red onion and a couple of oranges, all from the SLO Veg box. I used the last of the curly lettuce today in our lunches, and the tangerines have been good lunch snacks all week. I have plans for some of it for my Sunday Ukrainian dinner. Its a celebration of my dear mother's Ukrainian roots.

The beets and onion will go into the Borscht. I still have some baby carrots, so I am okay there. I used all my red potatoes in a salad earlier this week, so I will need to augment from the grocery store as I need more potatoes for my perogies (varenyky). More onion, too. Ukrainian veggies consist mainly of potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms and onions. I plan to make three fillings for the perogies: sauerkraut, salmon, and potato. I might add some kale to the salmon mixture...that would be interesting. I could put some into the Borscht, also. Red beets are standard for borscht, so this one will just be a golden version. Maybe if its not so pink, more of my family will like it!

I am going to make a sort of compote out of the oranges to serve with the honey cake (Medinyk) that I have already baked. I also plan to make that Apple Ambrosia recipe I posted up earlier and see how my family likes it.

So my grocery shopping list includes apples, onions, red potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage...and sour cream!

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  1. Just a note: never made the Borscht, my sister did it. So I still have some beets that I will roast for some sort of a salad. Oh joy!