Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Cooking Shows

Watching "Pioneer Woman" and "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" this morning! Now I want to make a club sandwich, Greek salad and homemade potato chips, as well as an chicken enchilada casserole with a Sangria-rita from Trisha's show! I also want to check out a Zumba class : )
Love Ree's box lunch! I had to mix up some of the Greek salad dressing during the commercial because I got a nice cucumber and some ripe tomatoes in our SLO Veg box and I want to have it for dinner tonight. Lee loves Greek salads! I am including the links so you can see what I am talking about!;postID=2692905754448682611 

Trisha's Southern Kitchen just won a Daytime Emmy for an Outstanding Culinary show. I guess she will be filling the gap for Paula Deen, who just got axed. Maybe that is the real reason behind Food Network's decision. I love Paula Deen, but I was kind of over her. Still, I don't think she deserves to be dumped this way. It wasn't something she said on the show, while representing Food Network, or anything like that. It was something from the past.

Okay, watching Giada now. I love how she makes everything decadent with light and healthy twists. Right now she is making blueberry corn muffins. Looks so delicious. I wonder if we are getting any blueberries? hey, what was that? She just used cardamon in something...gotta back that up. Chai Latte! Yum. I have a whole spice jar full of cardamon and I hardly ever use it. I also caught the tail end of  "Barefoot Contessa" where Ina Garten visits the home of Michael Chiarello. He was a contestant on The Next Iron Chef and we just loved him! He and Ina cooked some chicken seasoned with fennel and rosemary with a grape juice-fig sauce on top. So now I am wondering: will we be getting any figs or grapes in the SLO Veg box. I will have to ask Rachael...

*Note to Self: always try to have Saturday mornings off! Its the best time for me to watch my shows. Taylor is usually sleeping in, and Lee has already left for work. DVR is mine all mine!

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