Saturday, March 2, 2013

Buffalo chicken tenders with vegie sticks

"Awesome dinner!" That came from Taylor and his friend Dante. I guess they liked it...they cleaned their plates. I asked how they liked the brussels sprouts? "I devoured those first", T said.

Wow! We are really making some strides in this family. I knew the buffalo chicken tenders would be a hit. I have been craving buffalo chicken for a couple of weeks now. They were strips of chicken breast rolled in seasoned flour, dipped in an egg-milk batter and rolled in cornmeal, then fried in a shallow pan with olive oil. The fried chicken was then put into a baking dish and slathered with a prepared bottle of buffalo sauce and baked in a 400 degree oven for 10 more minutes. Lee picked up some Bleu cheese dressing on the way home so we could dip the chicken and veges in it.

I cut some of the fresh Romaine lettuce from the SLO VEG box and rinsed it in the salad spinner. That provided a base for a salad topped with some sliced radishes and red onion. The chicken tenders topped the salad. I think next time I will cut the chicken into more bite-sized chunks instead of strips. Sticks of red bell pepper, zucchini and some farm fresh celery added another option for dipping into the Bleu cheese dressing.

The meal was completed with roasted brussels sprouts and a cream of celery-mushroom soup. I used a recipe for the brussels sprouts from the SLO VEG website, incorporating some of those shallots from the tote. Shallots are new for me, and I like them!  I also used the Creamy Chinese Celery Soup recipe which incorporated more of the shallots and my last russet potato, except after pureeing it, I tossed in some sauteed mushrooms  for more of a cream of mushroom soup. I forgot about adding wine, too, but we didn't miss it. We just had a small cup with our bountiful dinner, so we will have leftover soup for tomorrow.

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