Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chicken Piccata, or Chicken in a Lemony Buttery Caper Sauce

This was my lunch today, leftovers from last night. I think it was even better today than it was last night! Rich buttery, lemony sauce on moist chicken breast. It is a green salad and Chicken Piccata, a request from my hub. In fact, he googled the recipe for it and found it on Marks Daily Apple, a Paleo website (Their's was called Chicken in a Buttery Caper Sauce, but its Chicken Piccata). 
It was a crazy night because having just gotten paid, we had to make a mid-week grocery shopping trip to fill in some staples. He wanted this dish and even found where the capers were located. We didn't get home from the store until about 8 o'clock and I was starved so I immediately started browning the chicken. Hubs got a little "cranky" because I wasn't following his directions...the chicken was supposed to be cut into filets and pounded first. I just put the whole breast into the pan -- dang it! The bad part was that it took longer to cook! Then when I started the sauce, I put the butter in with the caper juice, instead of bring the juice to a boil, then melting the butter into it. There wasn't much brine in the jar, so I also added water. Lee jumped in to salvage his dinner. He used the entire jar of capers! I suggested using some pieces of that funny looking citron thing we got in our box a couple of weeks back, for a lemony flavored sauce, and we used some fresh parsley, too. When his back was turned, I added a splash of lemon juice, too. So much for the recipe.
I made salads with a lettuce blend, some of our SLO Veg head lettuce and those yummy, nutritious sprouts from Mt. Olive Ranch, and some sliced radishes. Topped with homemade Ranch dressing, it was a sure winner. Except that we ate about 9 o'clock, and I didn't take any photos. Then I had to do dishes. I missed most of American Idol. Sigh!

Citron, a weird lemony thing. Not sure how to use it, but chopping up pieces and adding to a sauce for flavoring was one way to do it. We didn't eat the pieces, I just plucked them out after my sauce was infused with their flavor.

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