Sunday, March 31, 2013

Radish flowers

So we have been blessed with lots of radishes in the SLO Veg tote for the last couple of weeks...actually more than we can eat. I mean, I usually slice up a radish to put onto our salads, but this week I forgot about them and here they are, sitting in my frig looking all neglected. But I have made some deviled eggs to take to my sister's house for our Easter Potluck and I need something to put in the center of my egg plate. Hummm, something colorful. I know! Radish flowers!

So I go to the internet in search of flowers. Here is one of the more simple versions I found on video:

There was also Betty's radishes, which cracked me up. First of all, my radishes didn't come in a cellophane bag from the grocery store. Also, I didn't think much of her finished product. She has a beautiful kitchen, however.

This next one is a little more complex, but cool-looking end product:

My favorite one I found today, however, is the Radish Star. I think this is what I will try today as a garnish for my deviled egg plate. Simple, cute, nice little garnish.

So, how about these Radishes? Pretty cute, I think. Happy Easter!!!

Rad Radish Stars!

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