Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fish Tacos!

We had fish tacos tonight with the SLO Veg Fresh Catch which was Black Cod. I lightly breaded the fish with seasoned cornmeal and fried it in a shallow pan of olive oil. The outside crisped up and the inside was moist and flakey. I chopped up  the pieces after they were cooked and everybody went through the serving assembly line. Corn tortillas, fish, shredded cabbage from the tote box, sliced Meyer lemon, homemade tartar sauce, cheddar cheese with steamed and buttered parsleyed carrots.  Remember that double-batch of brown rice I made the other night? well it comes in handy. I heated the rice in the microwave and poured a can of Ranch-style beans in a sauce pot. When the beans were hot, I stirred in the rice and we had a quick side dish.  I boiled some carrots for a few minutes, then drained off the water and stirred in a pat of butter and some chopped parsley. Dinner was ready!

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