Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hamburger Spinach Scramble: It's what's for Breakfast!

I asked Lee for some help this morning. He came into the kitchen and declared that I had everything under control. Wrong.
"Just stand there and look pretty," I told him as I chopped some onions to add to the ground beef in the skillet. "and make me some coffee. Please."

There. That was the type of help I needed. He just came downstairs and turned on his racing. Like he could just sit and relax while I made him some breakfast. 

He made me coffee, just the way I like it with a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar and coffee cream. Ahhhhhhh! Okay, now I am happy to cook him breakfast. It was pretty simple: brown some ground meat, stir in some diced onion and season with salt, pepper, and...marjoram! Yep, today I tried something different. Marjoram, the forgotten herb. When the meat was all browned and the onions softened, I stirred in some sliced SLO Veg spinach and gave it all a stir. I pushed all the meat mixture into the middle of the skillet and poured in 5 scrambled up eggs that I mixed with a dollop of milk. Once those started to set up, I incorporated the eggs into the beef for a skillet scramble. I served it in cereal bowls with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top. 
Then I sat down and ate with Lee...and my coffee.

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