Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chunky Beef Chili in the Crock Pot

Even though it was our day off, we had lots to do today! But I woke up thinking about dinner and decided to use the leftover beef tri-tip for a chili base. I looked in my refrigerator to see what was available to add into it. Let's see, there were onions, garlic and bell pepper--pretty much the holy trinity of every dish. If we were in New Orleans, the holy trinity would include celery, but we are not, and my boys don't care for celery anyhow, so its all good!

I always have to refer to some recipes lately for ideas, even though I can't seem to follow any exactly anymore. Here is one from Bobby Flay: Of course, when I looked at that and saw it called for at least four different chilli powders, I nixed it. I only have two or three chili powders on hand, and that it getting crazy! Hmm, Tyler Florence? That one is getting warmer, but I don't have any ancho chili powder, I just have regular red, pasilla and some chipotle powder. His recipe calls for chipotle chilies. I guess I could just use the powder...okay, nothing to exotic here. Just go!
But now that you are curious, here is a website for different chili powders that gives a bit of an explanation of the different types:

I began by dicing an onion, a green bell pepper that came in our SLO Veg tote last week, and mashing up several cloves of garlic. This chili was going to include beef and beans, so it could stand up to all the garlic, and I had a whole bag full of peeled garlic ready to go here. I like to saute the vegetables in a little oil first, then add them to the crock pot with a can of Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies, another can of plain diced tomatoes, and some beef boullion and water. I added a little bit of red and chipoltle chili powders, some coarse salt and black pepper. Then I cubed the leftover beef tri-tip and added it to the pot. I set it for low and let that cook while we did some yard chores and Lee changed the oil on my car. Later, about an hour before it would be time to eat, I will add in some canned pinto beans. Sometimes I add black beans, kidney beans, or other beans, but today I just feel like plain old pintos.

Beef, tomatoes, green bell peppers and onions are the base for this crock pot chili. Beans get added in later.

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