Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Corn on the Cob, Garlic Fries

Roasted Corn on the Cob...its the best! We got some nice, sweet ears of corn from SLO Veg this week and I knew just how I wanted to prepare it...super simple, just grilled in its own husk on the barbecue pit. I had to search for a recipe with a good chili-mayo to rub on the corn. This link is the closest thing to it, but instead of using a chili in adobe sauce, I just used chipotle chili powder because it was handy. I also added granulated garlic, pepper and salt. I used parmesan cheese because its tastey, but if I had some cojita cheese on hand I probably would have used that.

The meat is really just an accompaniment to these vegetables. Basically, I marinated a tri-tip steak in canola oil with some all-purpose seasoning and a few sprigs of cilantro. But first, using another Barbecue Bob tip, I poked slits into the meat using a paring knife and inserted whole cloves of garlic, intermittently spaced about two inches apart. I started up my little Weber charcoal grill and waited for the coals to catch and burn down for an hour, then I put the tri-tip on. Two ears of corn fit neatly around the tri-tip, so dinner is cooking. I also prepared some potatoes for frying in my first attempt at garlic fries. I saw one of the barbecue masters do it at the races last week, so I am attempting to recreate his recipe. BBQ Bob made a paste out of a whole mini-chopper full of garlic cloves, then added a tablespoon of basil pesto and about a half cup of olive oil. If he put anything else into it, I missed it. So now my garlic is pasted and ready to soak up the french fries. 

I began by peeling the potatoes and running them through my old Oster Kitchen center french fryer. Its the reason I keep this appliance around! I soaked the potatoes in water to keep them from browning before it was time to cook, and also to draw out the excess starch. I can drain them and fry them just before its time to eat them. French fries are only good fresh and hot, as far as I am concerned.

Then I got out a small bowl and mixed up a half cup of mayo with the chipotle spice and Santa Maria Seasoning blend, which is salt, granulated garlic and black pepper. Its about a 2:1:1 ratio. A little squeeze of a half lime went into it, also, and its ready to spread on the corn-on-the-cob when it comes off the grill. Once the mayo is spread on the corn, it is then rolled in parmesan cheese and ready to eat.


The funny part is that for some reason I didn't think the son would be home tonight, so I only roasted two ears of corn and french fried three potatoes. I really wanted him to try the fries, though. I guess I will have enough to share with him...but maybe not the friends he brought home. They will have to eat whatever stuff they brought...one of them brought a Marie Callender's cream pie!

Oh shoot, I had plenty of fries...Taylor and his friends got a whole bowl-full.

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