Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fruity Peach Sangria

I had all these peaches that were ripe ripe ripe! I told the boys they needed to eat some. Ghessh! Make some smoothies or something! I had already made a peach crisp with some, so I had done my part.

Then inspiration hit me! Sangria! It's because Denier posted a photo of sangria on her Facebook page, actually. It looked good! and what is sangria, after all? Just wine with fruit! Kinda like beer with fruit, only different. (Beers that goes with fruit are Corona with lime, Blue Moon with orange, Hefeweisen with get the picture!) Only Sangria is soaks up the fruit a little longer.

So I went to the websites to look for recipes. Food Network's site had at least 114 recipes for sangria. You can literally make any kind of sangria with any kind of wine and fruit: winter, summer, spring and fall. Here is one that sounded good, but I don't have any vodka on hand... 
You can add liquors, juices, flavorings...the list is endless. 

But I wanted simple. I found one with ginger ale, and that hit the spot for me. Mamma Mia Sangria!
I have it mulling the frig right now. I added a lime, orange, some pineapple and the juice, and fresh peaches! When we get back from playing with the Goldens in the Park, I am having a cocktail. : )

SLO Veg posted that they have a bunch of plums to clear out quickly. Here is a recipe for plum sangria:

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