Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roasting Vegetables...Double Duty

I've been roasting a lot of vegetables this week. We got eggplant in the SLO Veg box this week, and since I wasn't too thrilled with my attempt at Eggplant Parmigiana, I figured I would just roast the whole eggplant and make Baba Ghanoush again. The process is detailed in an earlier blog post, but I took a few more photos from this session and added them to the post. The guys loved the Baba Ghanoush and we can use it instead of mayonnaise on our sandwiches.  I even bought some pita bread just for the Baba Ghanoush! I also roasted a spaghetti squash with the eggplant, doing double duty with the oven heat. I halved the squash and cooked both vegetables for an hour and 15 minutes. We enjoyed the spaghetti squash with a little butter and coarse salt and Parmesan cheese, and topped it with a meaty tomato sauce. It was a really delicious pasta-type dish without all the carbs and calories.

Then tonight I roasted some cauliflower and carrots, using the ginger and turmeric seasonings I blogged about earlier. I know now that it is a sure hit, plus it packs well in our lunch boxes. That's what I call winner-winner.

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