Saturday, August 10, 2013

Raspberry-Nectarine Jam

I saw a Facebook post by Ball Canning products featuring a Peach and Raspberry Jam that looked so good. Of course, they are advertising their new freezer jam automatic cooker, but I think making jam is so easy, I don't really need another contraption to store. I like making my jam on the stove and boiling the filled jars in a hot bath. Then, when I take them out and hear the lids pop, indicating a nice, tight seal, I am happy. I can store the jars at room temperature and they are perfect to give as gifts any time. Giving freezer jam as a gift would get a little messy, I am thinking. 

Anyway, I had actually used up all my peaches in a cobbler, but I did have six nice, ripe nectarines from our SLO Veg delivery, as well as two baskets of beautiful ripe raspberries. The Ball recipe called for one basket of berries, so that is great--one left for us to eat! Six nectarines should dice up to about four cups of fruit, plus the raspberries will make five cups.

The jam was just a little runny because it was still hot, but I couldn't wait to taste it on some toast, so here it is!    
I think I followed this recipe better than I had before in my previous jam-making attempts. They all turned out fine, but I don't think I went about it in textbook fashion. This time I cooked the fruit down with the pectin and lemon juice, letting that come to a rolling boil. Then I added in the sugar and brought it back to a boil for a short time, just a couple of minutes. My last batch boiled forever...I could have made fruit leather out of it.I also added some cinnamon flavor to the mix by adding a cinnamon stick to the boiling mixture for a little extra spark. I learned that tip at work when discussing canning and jam-making with some coworkers.

Here is the link for the Ball recipes from Valerie's Kitchen:

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