Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chicken Noodle and Rice Vegetable Soup

I watched Trisha Yearwood make a lovely chicken soup on her Southern Kitchen show this morning, and I thought, hey, I have one leftover chicken breast in the refrigerator. I could probably make just enough soup for Lee and myself for tonight's dinner. Trisha was cooking it on a rainy day, but since I live on the coast where it is foggy all summer long, soup feels just right.  I am gonna go for it!

I began by slicing up one rib of celery and two carrots. I have to mention that these carrots that came in our SLO Veg box are so crisp and flavorful. You know how sometimes you get carrots and they almost have a bitter taste? Not these. They are almost as good as candy.  The chicken breast had been roasted with lemon and rosemary, so it was flavorful throughout. I broke up a handful of spaghetti and tossed it into the soup pot, along with some leftover white rice.  I felt good about the soup because I was able to utilize leftovers and make a new dish out of them.
I decided to use a sprig of fresh thyme from the little potted herb that came in our vegie box this week. Fresh herbs are the best! I still had enough fresh parsley on hand to make this soup work, as well. I seasoned the soup with chicken boullion, a little more salt and some black pepper. Usually chicken boullion adds enough salt, but this was a powdered organic chicken bouillon powder that I got at New Frontiers, and I don't think it has any salt in it...none that I can taste, anyway. This little pot of soup actually made enough so I can have some now, and still have enough for our dinner tonight. Perfect!

I should note that Trisha's soup also called for red potatoes, which I didn't have any of on hand, and she topped it with processed cheese. Umm, pass. It would be great with a big ol' dumpling or something on top, though. Hmmmm....

Trisha's Southern Kitchen:

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