Friday, April 12, 2013

This week's box has some new surprises!

The most exciting thing this week is Asparagus! We will eat it right away with the fresh fish. We also got big, juicy strawberries, some grapefruit, kiwi, apples red beets, swiss chard, English peas, Romaine lettuce, green onions and a special treat, Pistachios! Mmmmm, just wanted to eat those up, but I want to use them in a recipe, so I hid them from the boys right away.


  1. How nice to have fresh produce available. We have something similar out here in Texas too and just love it!!! Getting fresh produce and a variety has helped my husband and I expand our horizon on some that we would not have tried when our children were all with us. I too, like Kathleen need to shed weight, but more of it.

  2. Exactly, Lisa. We are trying new fruits and vegetables and liking it. I am actually enjoying grapefruit now, and I put sliced fennel on our salads, which was really tasty.