Monday, January 13, 2014

Paleo Apple Bacon Sliders

It's 7 am and its my day off and I'm hungry. Where is the darn room service when you need it? 

You know what sounds good right now? Grilled cheese on sourdough. With bacon. And cheddar cheese. And an apple sliced up in between it all.

So I drag myself out of a warm bed and creak down the stairs in search of sustenance. I am thinking "coffee". But first I pull out a few sheets of paper towel and lay that on a dinner plate, then top it with the last four slices of bacon and pop it into the microwave for 4 minutes. Now I turn to the bread basket and grab that loaf of sliced sourdough that has been languishing there for over a week. 

What? No! Darn, its all moldy! Into the dumpster it goes. Well, I still have my apples, those ones from SLO Veg. I think they are Fugi's. I grab the two largest ones...yuck.  One is beginning to rot in the center, but the other one is okay. I need to use up the rest of them, pronto!

We only get our basket delivered biweekly now and this is the tail end of the last delivery. Fresh stuff is coming this week. 

I slice the apple thinly into 5 rounds and cut out the tiny core. Then I sprinkle on a handful of grated cheddar cheese. The bacon is ready, so I cut 3 pieces in half, laying each piece on top of the cheese. I have 1-1/2 pieces of bacon leftover, so I eat them! Yum! 

The plate goes into the microwave for one minute to melt the cheese. Then I think, no on the coffee, I will heat up some of that spiced apple cider. Breakfast complete! Back to bed with a tray of gooey apple bacon sliders. I will let Lee have 3 since I ate the extra bacon.♥

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