Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spinach Scramble from leftover meat loaf

Spinach Scramble breakfast
Bacon-wrapped Italian-style meat loaf

One of the great things about making a three pound meat loaf is that it makes more than just one meal. In this case, I got four meals out of it. The first night was Taylor's birthday, so we had, well, meat loaf, and garlic mashed potatoes, brown gravy, roasted broccoli and a deviled egg appetizer. Then there was the peanut butter frosted chocolate cake. See, with all of that we couldn't even finish the main course.

So the next morning, I sliced off two pieces of meat loaf, chopped it up and added some spinach to make a spinach scramble. Eggs are on sale this time of year, so we are eating a lot of them! It made a yummy breakfast. That afternoon we had meat loaf sandwiches before going to the Melodrama performance. There was still a little bit of meat loaf leftover, which I thought the kid might eat during the night or something...but he didn't. So two days later we had another spinach-egg-meat loaf scramble.

Spinach scrambles are my favorite way to eat scrambled eggs. I like it with just the spinach, maybe a little chopped onion, and the scrambled eggs.
Adding meat loaf or sausage or just plain old browned ground beef is a delicious breakfast, in my opinon. Of course, I used some of the fresh parsley from SLO Veg in my meat loaf creation. I was inspired by the meal loaf on Pioneer Woman's show.
It was wrapped in bacon and topped with chunky diced tomatoes with Italian seasonings.

Chopped parsley
I just happened to watch it the morning of my son's birthday, and it looked like the perfect meal for him for that special day. I also used the parsley in the mashed potatoes for the birthday meal, then I made potato pancakes later on. Some of our farm-fresh SLO Veg spinach went into the egg scramble, so it was fresh and green and flavorful, very fitting for a St. Patrick's Day breakfast two days later. We got our green on this past weekend, for sure! And finally, finally! the meat loaf is all gone. : )
Farm fresh spinach
Spinach Scramble Recipe:
6 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
daash of salt
1 cup left over meat loaf, broken up
1 cup fresh spinach
oil for skillet

So to make this scramble, just reheat some leftover meat loaf in a skillet with a dash of oil, chopping it up a bit. Add chopped spinach and heat through until it wilts. Scramble 6 eggs in a bowl, adding a sprinkling of salt and a dash of milk (I like to use coconut milk). Pour eggs over the meat-spinach mixture and let cook until set. Stir eggs and let cook some more until the eggs are cooked through. Spoon into serving bowls and sprinkle with your favorite cheese.
The birthday boy and his sweetie with the birthday feast
Deviled eggs with horseradish were a hit appetizer

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