Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Breakfast in Bed

I had a cocktail on the beach last weekend that was so much fun. A Bloody Mary with heaping garnishes: asparagus, bacon, olives and prawns! It was a splurge, for sure, but what a treat!

When I saw the asparagus in our SLO Veg box this week, I immediately thought of this cocktail. So thinking ahead, I saved out a couple sticks of bacon from Lee's breakfast on Saturday, and made a quick batch of brine for a bundle of asparagus spears. I put the spears into the tall canning jar and poured the hot brine into it. I added a clove of garlic, a red chili pepper, and a half teaspoon of pickling spices. The jar had more room, so I peeled and quartered some carrot sticks, too, keeping them rather long to stick out of the cocktail glass. Sadly, I did only pickle one jar. More in the future! I also had on hand pimento-stuffed green olives and some large cooked shrimp, so all the essentials were in place.

"Don't get up yet", I told my husband. "I am making you breakfast in bed."

Then I brought in this meal.The cocktail for two was 1/2 cup vodka, 1-1/2 cups V-8 juice, a dash each of lime, lemon, Worchestershire sauce and hot sauce, stirred together. Then I moistened the rims of the tumblers with olive brine and dipped them in seasoned salt. I put in three ice cubes and poured in the cocktail. Garnishings were one stick each of bacon, asparagus and carrot, three prawns, then I laid a skewer of three olives on top of the ice cubes.

Here is the brine recipe found on that I used:

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