Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Watermelon Granita

A while ago, and I mean A WHILE AGO, I made some watermelon granita from a recipe I saw on Pioneer Woman's blog. I had a watermelon from the SLO Veg box that had been sitting on the kitchen counter for about 2 weeks at that time. (Seriously, we got the watermelons at the end of September!). I don't know why I hadn't cut into it, but there it sat when I came across this inspiration. I actually forgot how I did it. Thank goodness for the history feature on my laptop.

The ingredients were simple: watermelon, lime juice and sugar. It all goes into the blender and is pureed, then spread into an oblong baking dish to freeze. Then you cover it and let it harden for at least 3 hours until it is time to scrape it up. That's where I fell off...I think I made this a good month ago and never ever scraped it out. It just sat there in the freezer in the pan, all covered up, like a big pink ice cube. So yesterday I decided I should do something about that. I took it out and got out my ice cream scoop and went to scraping. I scraped and scraped and scraped. I had a tub of pink snow cone stuff after a short time. The down side is that I was making a lot of noise with the pan banging around on the counter and all, and I woke Lee up from a nap. Grumble grumble...oh here, have some watermelon granita. All good now. : )

Tastes just like Summer! Even in November : )  


recipe from Pioneer Woman

Watermelon Granita


  • 1/2 whole Seedless Watermelon, Cut Into Chunks (rind Discarded) (about 8 Cups Of Chunks)
  • 2 whole Limes, Juiced
  • 1/3 cup Sugar

Preparation Instructions

Place half the watermelon, half the lime juice, and half the sugar in a blender. Process until smooth, then pour into a separate bowl.
Repeat with other half of ingredients. Pour into same bowl as other batch.
Transfer mixture to a 9 x 13 baking dish. Freeze for two or three hours, then begin the process of lightly scraping the top, frozen layer. Return pan to freezer with the shaved ice on top; remove a couple of hours later and continue scraping. Repeat the occasional scraping process until the entire mixture is shaved. Store, covered in plastic wrap, until serving.
Serve in pretty glasses with a twist of lime.
*Note: if you use a regular watermelon with black seeds, lightly blend the watermelon first, then push through a strainer to get rid of the seeds/seed particles. Then continue the recipe above.

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