Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pate Chinois

So tonight was a lazy night. I put this casserole together yesterday so I could come home tonight after work and relax while dinner heated up. I ran a quick errand after work so I asked the hub to turn the oven on and put the pie in to heat. He's good that way.

I got the idea for this spin on Sheperds Pie when my nephew posted up a picture of his Pate Chinois that he made for his daughter's birthday, at her request. The Canadian variation over a more traditional Sheperd's Pie is that the beef is seasoned with soy sauce, and corn is the primary vegetable. I had to sneak in some carrots, though, mostly because I have a lot of them to use up! I browned the meat and then added about a quarter cup of diced onion and two diced carrots. I boiled about six small potatoes and mashed them up for the topping. A little cheese sprinkled on top in the last few minutes of baking sealed the deal.

I decided I really needed something green, so I steamed some of the broccoli that came in the SLO Veg box for about 5 minutes in the microwave. I had also seen a recipe for a carmelized grapefruit, so while the oven was hot, I sliced one of my gigantic grapefruits in half, sliced around the rind, and spread some agave syrup on top. They went into the broiler after the casserole came out, and broiled for 5 minutes. It was just enough to melt the syrup into the fruit, and dessert was done!  

We watched the crazy auditioners on American Idol and scarfed down our comforting meal. If the kids don't eat the leftovers when they get home later tonight, we might have something good for lunch tomorrow. 

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