Sunday, January 27, 2013

No boxed oatmeal here...

Healthy breakfast: Organic rolled oats with raisins and cinnamon and brown sugar, paired with a glazed grapefruit. Trouble is, I am not a fan of grapefruit. I know if you sprinkle it with salt, it brings out the sweetness. But I saw a recipe where you drizzle on something sweet and broil it, so I tried it--twice. Earlier in the week I used agave syrup. I ended up adding coarse sea salt and eating it. Today I used pure honey. But alas! It tasted bitter and sour to me and Lee. So I sprinkled on my salt and ate most of it. Not that it was bad, I just don't picture myself craving grapefruit. If I get any more, they will have to become part of a salad. The only thing in grapefruit I ever really liked was a Sobee drink I found in the vending machine at work, cranberry-grapefruit, I think. Might try one on our road trip today.


  1. Hi Kathleen! Love your blog! I am a SLO Veg customer too and i love seeing what other people do with the items received! i love grapefruit, but mostly since i learned to "supreme"- check for instructional video on you tube if you haven't done that before. It's great practice with your knife skillz! (just be sure they are sharp, and careful not to nick your hands. citrus in a cut= not good! this will get rid of all the bitter white membranes and leave only sweet, juicy goodness!


    Thanks for the tip, Jeanne, and for posting a comment. You are just the second person to comment in this format, so I am excited about that! As far as "supreme-ing" a grapefruit, I am thinking that I sorely need a new set of knives. Mine are all old and dull. Hmmmm...good excuse to visit a kitchen supply shop.

  3. My friend Kim also suggested removing the seeds first, and she uses brown sugar with a little pat of butter. After looking at my picture, I thought, "Oh, duh!" Good tip on the seeds, Kim. I had cut down into the grapefruit peel to loosen it with my curved pineapple knife. But now I am going to look for a set of grapefuit spoons, you know the little pointy teaspoons, sometimes with serrated sides for cutting out the fruit? I am going back to the 50s, man!